Saturday, July 18, 2009

Openbravo 3rd Party Integrations and the Modularity Concept: Empowering End Customers

Attracting 3rd party ISVs is a critical element of Openbravo ERP's value proposition to it's end customers. As of version 2.50, released this spring, ISVs (and VARs, System Integrators, etc.) can now efficiently add features, functionality, and integrations to extend Openbravo's core capabilities, via the modularity subsystem.

I am amazed at how quickly Openbravo's ecosystem has responded to this new capability, with dozens of Openbravo-related Integration and Modularity projects already underway on the Openbravo Forge. I'd like to take a minute to highlight a few of them:
  1. Elondra Mobile Sales Order Management: Openbravo ERP is now integrated with Elondra's bmSales. Customers are able to log sales orders in their mobile device using bmSales, and later transfer those sales to Openbravo ERP. They can also load information required to create orders directly into the mobile device.
  2. ProcessMaker Workflow Management: Via web services, Openbravo ERP is now integrated with ProcessMaker BPM, adding additional workflow capabilities to the solution. Any information added to ProcessMaker is automatically shared with Openbravo to generate Expense Sheets, Purchase Invoices, and Sales Orders in Openbravo ERP. Forms and reports can be routed to the correct business partner for approval. The entire process may be tracked by a supervisor.
  3. Funambol Data Synchronization: This recently-launched project will synchronize Openbravo ERP data using Funambol synchronization server. Once completed, users will be able to take commonly used data from laptops, iphones, Mozilla Thunderbird / Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Google calendar, etc, and synchronize everything to the ERP for easy access and use.
Access to a growing list of 3rd party modules is a huge benefit for Openbravo customers, extending the range of available functionality and introducing them to valuable complementary products and companies . Openbravo ERP is quickly growing up--from a fully-functional, standalone business management system to a robust platform, wide-open for business!