Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spain's World Cup Lessons for Business

Openbravo would like to congratulate Spain on a great World Cup victory.  It was well-deserved and a testament to the team's patience, stamina and skill.  They stayed  true to their philosophy, and did not waver from a proven strategy--even after an upset loss in the first match.

As a global company with origins in Spain, Openbravo is proud of this landmark achievement, and also the way it was achieved.  I think there is a lot that companies can learn from the hard work,  perseverance and interdependence of the Spanish players.  I also see many of the same underlying attributes in Openbravo’s team and extended  ecosystem, and I know that similar perseverance, execution, and faithfulness to our open source strategy will ultimately yield great results for Team Openbravo. 

¡Felicidades España!