Monday, September 20, 2010

QuickStart 2 for Spain now available

As noted in this recent press release (in Spanish), QuickStart 2 is now available for Spain. 

This next generation of the proven QuickStart rapid implementation solution incorporates all of the latest Openbravo ERP advances, featuring deep professional localization for Spain out of the box, and inclusion of the new Advanced Payables & Receivables module and the Easy Extensible Attributes module. 

Advanced Payables and Receivables is a complete payment management system that provides an enhanced user experience, and fully automates and audits all payment and reconciliation processes--bringing ground-breaking simplicity and efficiency to finance.

Easy Extensible Attributes enables non-technical business analysts or consultants to easily add new tabs and fields to Openbravo application windows.

Companies in Spain are looking to save time and money now, while also increasing their business agility for the future. Openbravo Professional Edition, combined with QuickStart 2 for Spain, meets this challenge head on, providing an adaptable, web-based business management solution that can be implemented in weeks instead of months.