Saturday, March 21, 2009


I'm John Fandl and I have a confession to make: my 20+ year career has centered around working with proprietary software companies (Supply Chain, ERP, and ERP-centric BI/Analytics). That is, until recently, when I moved over to open source ERP supplier Openbravo.

Actually I'm still in process with this move, which will take me and my family from Naperville, IL (U.S.) to Barcelona, Spain this spring. So, I likely won't find much time for many posts until I'm settled in the job, and the family is settled in Spain. Not to mention going thru that "Proprietary Anonymous 12-Step Program"! :)

When I do post to this blog, it will be about ERP-related topics, with my own slant on the differences between proprietary vs. open source ERP. I'm already seeing major differences related to "developing in a fishbowl", and I will post on how the lack of transparency in proprietary software companies results in "Hidden Architecture Syndrome", and how that impacts customers.

I call things as I see them, so don't expect me to beat up on proprietary competition as a general rule. Hey, that's where I came from, and all of the real professionals I have had the privilege of working with care deeply about their customers, co-workers, and the software they produce. And that's one thing that won't change for me!

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