Friday, August 27, 2010

Openbravo ERP Professional Edition updated for U.S. Market

The Openbravo development team has had a very productive summer, and the fruits of their labors have come together for U.S. companies in the form of 3 complementary initiatives, all of which are available at no cost to Openbravo ERP Professional Edition subscribers in the U.S.:

  • QuickStart 2
  • U.S. Professional Localization Pack
  • Advanced Payables & Receivables Module

QuickStart 2 is the next generation of our rapid implementation solution that allows SMBs to go live with a standardized, pre-configured web-based ERP implementation in weeks instead of months--with full adaptability and scalability going forward.  See the recent press release  for details.

The first version of the U.S. Professional Localization Pack is now available in Openbravo Exchange.  Companies with U.S. operations will see faster deployments, more efficient operations, and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with this functionality.  Openbravo partners may sign onto the partner portal and follow this link to a recorded webinar with detailed information, in the "Must Know" section.

Finally, the new Advanced Payables and Receivables module (which is pre-bundled with QuickStart 2, but also available independently) has reached GA (Generally Available) status, after being in Controlled Release during the summer.  This "module" is actually a complete payment management system that provides an enhanced user experience, and fully automates and audits all payment and reconciliation processes.  The Openbravo Exchange listing is here.

The bottom line is that U.S. companies are increasingly looking for adaptable, web-based solutions that are cloud-ready and easy to deploy and operate.  Openbravo ERP Professional Edition, combined with QuickStart 2 and the U.S. Professional Localization Pack, is well-positioned to meet this demand!


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