Friday, November 11, 2011

What is a Future Proof ERP?

This is a question we think a lot about at Openbravo, because deploying a new ERP is a big investment for our customers, and we want Openbravo to be the last ERP they ever implement.  Our goal is not just “Agile ERP” but “ERP for Life”, and that means becoming future proof.

As we engage with customers and prospects,  we clearly see that as they grow, a lot of small to medium sized businesses end up supplementing their hard-to-change, legacy ERP back office systems with a complex patchwork of:
  • "best of breed" applications,
  • point solutions purchased by end users,
  • external portals,
  • spreadsheets, etc.,
… in an attempt to reactively respond to the real needs of the business.  This is called a "best practice" by the legacy vendors and system integrators who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.  :)

But there is clearly a better way.  

A "Future Proof ERP" puts a change-ready business application platform at the center of your business, enabling you to get rid of that complex mess, and deploy all or most of your required functionality natively in the web based ERP.

To communicate this clearly, I created a brief video called (1) "What is a Future Proof ERP?", which addresses the topic in a practical way, and demonstrates three ways in which Openbravo 3 is future proof, today.

So take a few minutes and check it out.  If this video strikes a cord, you will probably also be interested in our new (2) technology page.  Finally, if you need help getting your company ready to face 2012 and beyond, please fill out this (3) registration form for a free consultation with an Openbravo expert.  



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