Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Openbravo announces commercial relationship with Canonical + native Ubuntu package

In case you haven’t seen the press release (Openbravo broadens support for Ubuntu with commercial open source ERP package), Openbravo now provides a fully-supported, subscription-based ERP offering on Ubuntu’s technology stack, with an easy-to-install native Ubuntu package. The pre-integrated and supported technology stack features Ubuntu 9.04, PostgreSQL 8.3, and Tomcat 6. If you want to skip the press release and head straight to the goodies, this link will tell you how.

So now what’s your excuse for not implementing Openbravo ERP? ☺


  1. This is awesome! Works like a charm. Although I did a perfect install 18 months ago on my Ubuntu latop (took me probably 2 days), somehow I got stuck last week. This is just two command lines. I love it when 100% Open Source can also be "For Dummies".

  2. I have a pristine copy of Ubuntu 9.04 server and as yet I have not managed to get the repository installer to work using apt-get install openbravo-erp. It simply doesn't work - java runtime errors and tomcat issues. As the director of an sme how am I to evaluate a system that won't install using the prescribed 'easy' install method?

  3. @Adam Walker

    Look at the anonymous post above. He is he is able to. I think probably a little working knowledge of using the appropriate version of software is a must ;)

  4. The issue of knowledge aside it's a partner repository install on a pristine Ubuntu server install. What additional software knowledge do you feel one should have? We currently run openbravo on a gentoo system. I saw the PR about how the techs at Ubuntu and openbravo got together and produced an easy install route. I am merely pointing out that it doesn't work out of the box....try it yourself before commenting any further. ;)

  5. Adam, Sorry about your experience with the Ubuntu package so far. Our out-of-the-box tests (and Canonical's) were successful.

    Our release management team will contact you to determine what is different and lend a hand if you would like one.

  6. seems like a nice add on. Have you guys seen this video series


  7. Adam, my colleague had some troubles as well installing on Ubuntu Server. He didnt read the instruction too well and skipped straight to the apt-install command lines. He forgot to enable third-party software settings. After having followed those instructions everything was A-OK.

  8. @Adam Walker

    We got a lot of feedback about deb installation which is successful. Infact we tried to recreat your problem but failed.

    I presume it could be one of those rare cases.

    follow up here http://ln-s.net/41EC

  9. I also had tried it about a year ago and it worked perfectly and it was also not difficult to do so could not imagine how anyone could have faced issue?
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