Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Launch of Openbravo Exchange: the ERP Marketplace

I have written in the past about Openbravo Forge, Openbravo's collaborative development environment, and now I'm pleased to announce the launch of Openbravo Exchange--the place to go for information about extension modules that are "ready for prime time". If the Forge is the sausage factory, then the Exchange is the delicatessen, featuring a series of "ready-to-use" software packages that are catalogued and described with the end user in mind. :)

Here are the top things to know about Openbravo Exchange:
  • Openbravo business partners now have an official, high-profile web site they can leverage to promote and monetize their Openbravo commercial extension modules and templates
  • All business partners are allowed evaluation-only access to all Exchange modules (so they can sell them on the author's behalf, and get a sales commission of course)
  • As an author, you don't have to worry about invoicing and collecting money--we do that, and you collect periodic author royalty payments!
  • Good zero-cost open source modules from anyone are also welcome, of course (nice way to get your name out there)
  • We are starting with a self-certification model, here are the certification criteria
  • You ain't seen nothin' yet! (this is just version 1.0, stay tuned for a more dynamic Exchange with reviews, ratings, etc.)
If you are a business partner with Openbravo-based commercial software to sell through our channel, here are the steps to package and sell it. If you are a business partner implementing solutions for your clients, check Openbravo Exchange before proposing to close functional gaps with a custom project--what your customer needs may already be available off-the-shelf, as a fully-tested package! If you are new to Openbravo and interested in leveraging your development skills, the Openbravo ERP Developer's Guide is the place to start.

Here is the official press release, which features the Hotel Management System from Bonsai Consulting--best of luck to you with this module, Ravi. And happy developing and selling to all in the Openbravo community in 2010, as we unleash the business of modularity!